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Jag 60 Set Jag 60 Set
Yes, we know! There was no Fender Jaguar in 1960, as it was introduced 1962. But like in my line of Stratocaster replica sets there is a JAG60 that is a sound wise pendant to our ST60. The JAG60 set is, like the ST60, open, sparkling and...
€384.00 *
Jag 62 Set Jag 62 Set
If you want a little bit more of everything, then the boss recommends the JAG62! A little more boom, a little more width and still enough radiant overtones. Wonderful! incl. mounting screws, mounting tubes, enough cloth-wire cable for...
€384.00 *
Jag 65 Set Jag 65 Set
The same applies here as with the ST Real 65, TL Real 65 and JM65 set. To summarize once again, like all pickups from the Real 65 series, the JAG65 has a carrying tone with a milder response, smooth mids and fine highs. The Jaguar's...
€384.00 *
JM 60 Set JM 60 Set
Parallels to the ST60 are evident. However, a Jazzmaster sounds a bit bigger, and the sound image delivers a Strat in a cinemascope format, so to speak! What makes this noticeable? Among other things, the JM60 produces a punchy tone with...
€329.00 *
JM 62 Set JM 62 Set
If you want that huge tone on your JAZZMASTER without losing the top end, the JM62 is just the right set you have been looking for! It has the bold punch and the sweetness it needs to deliver an expressive tone from your instrument....
€329.00 *
JM 65 Set JM 65 Set
Like the ST Real 65 for the Strat, this evolutionary stage of the Jazzmaster tone has a somewhat milder attack and softer, mellow, but still has sustainable mids. The high mids, which can sometimes be somewhat intrusive in the range of...
€329.00 *