Marcus Deml Blue Poet Set

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The new „Blue Poet“ ST-Set provides all the sounds and nuances of a vintage... more
Product information "Marcus Deml Blue Poet Set"

The new „Blue Poet“ ST-Set provides all the sounds and nuances of a vintage Stratocaster pickup set with the advantage of a special voiced bridge pick-up capable of both screaming and whispering. It performs beautifully with the entire tones range from crystal clean through crunch to high gain. Once again special attention was given to the balance of each of the 5 positions. An extra blend pot for hum cancelling – a must-have for Marcus – is also an attractive option for the Blue Poet Set.

incl. mounting screws, mounting tubes, enough cloth-wire cable for the internal wiring and a suitable capacitor for the tone pot.

Note: Potentiometers and Capacitors affect your tone greatly. Most companies ship guitars without measuring these parts, so it's always a "hit and miss" story. Therefore, for best results, we recommend you to add to your order our premium DIY/Prewired harness kit or checked and measured potentiometers listed below.

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