Peter Weihe HB PW Set

Peter Weihe HB PW Set
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Spacing Bridge Humbucker:

Humbucker Conductors:

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The Grand Master Peter Weihe wanted highly sensitive pickups offering a vast array of... more
Product information "Peter Weihe HB PW Set"

The Grand Master Peter Weihe wanted highly sensitive pickups offering a vast array of sounds and emotions at differing settings of the volume control. To this end, we created the HB-PW set. It covers all the bases and enchants with its bewitching tonal intensity. Whether creamy high gain or airy and clean, the HB-PW achieves an engaging balancing act. The emotion of searing lead sounds in the highest ranges in combination with clarity and definition on the lower strings, always adeptly avoiding any muddying of tones, is well beyond the reach of lesser pickups. Very close to an end 1959 early 1960 PAF pickup set.
Die Fillister Head (some say Cheesehead) Polescrews are "made in Germany" - manufactured exclusivly for me reproducing the original looks and , even more important to me, the tone of the original 1959 PAF or P90 pole screw. The magnet is an Alnico Alloy the is the same as the org mixture they had in 1959 (I sacraficed one original Magnet to have many copies). This Alloy is special and hard to compare to the wellknown Alnico types II, III, IV or V.

incl. mounting screws, mounting springs and suitable capacitors for the tone pots

Note: Potentiometers and Capacitors affect your tone greatly. Most companies ship guitars without measuring these parts, so it's always a "hit and miss" story. Therefore, for best results, we recommend you to add to your order our premium DIY/Prewired harness kit listed below.

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