HB 62 Set

HB 62 Set
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Spacing Bridge Humbucker:

Humbucker Conductors:



Special options:

Tone-Aging: Pickups, like guitar wood and other materials, is affected by the course of time. When a PAF left the factory in 1959 it sounded different to what it sounded a few years after. If you like the sound of a well gigged guitar, or play a reliced one, consider ordering your Kloppmann set as Tone-Aged. The result would be a pickup that has more soft compression and an even wider open tone. This proprietary process is delicate and done only by Mr. Kloppmann. It requires up to 4 days on top of our usual waiting times.

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This new set has to be the first choice for all the fans of the legendary Short Magnet - Pat.... more
Product information "HB 62 Set"

This new set has to be the first choice for all the fans of the legendary Short Magnet - Pat. Nr. sounds. It rocks with the raucous 70s sound and a liberal shot of the Glam and Glitter of the period. You want to cover the raw early AC/DC sounds as well as “All the Young Dudes”? It´s all there! The bridge pickup is a prominent brawler, capable of those harsh, shouting tones. This bully is beautifully complemented by its earthy brother in the neck position which has a big surprise waiting for you: it is not only well suited to the Hard and Heavy Brigade but can deliver a fine basis of wonderful jazz tones of the Wes Montgomery or Joe Pass genre.

incl. mounting screws, mounting springs and suitable capacitors for the tone pots

Note: Potentiometers and Capacitors affect your tone greatly. Most companies ship guitars without measuring these parts, so it's always a "hit and miss" story. Therefore, for best results, we recommend you to add to your order our premium DIY/Prewired harness kit listed below.

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