HB 60 Set

HB 60 Set
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Spacing Bridge Humbucker:

Humbucker Conductors:

Special options:

Tone-Aging: Pickups, like guitar wood and other materials, is affected by the course of time. When a PAF left the factory in 1959 it sounded different to what it sounded a few years after. If you like the sound of a well gigged guitar, or play a reliced one, consider ordering your Kloppmann set as Tone-Aged. The result would be a pickup that has more soft compression and an even wider open tone. This proprietary process is delicate and done only by Mr. Kloppmann. It requires up to 4 days on top of our usual waiting times.

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A true philanderer is the bridge pickup in the HB 60 Set. Installed in a good Les Paul, just... more
Product information "HB 60 Set"

A true philanderer is the bridge pickup in the HB 60 Set. Installed in a good Les Paul, just plug it into a Plexi Marshall and thrash out Paul Kossoff´s legendary “All Right Now” riff. This pickup is your perfect sparring partner here which leans more to the heavy side in comparison to the HB 59 bridge pickup without forgoing the required crisp presentation. A must-have for all you purists out there who are simply looking for the immediate slam you know your instruments can deliver.

incl. mounting screws, mounting springs and suitable capacitors for the tone pots

Note: Potentiometers and Capacitors affect your tone greatly. Most companies ship guitars without measuring these parts, so it's always a "hit and miss" story. Therefore, for best results, we recommend you to add to your order our premium DIY/Prewired harness kit listed below.

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