BluGuitar FATCAB - aus Vorführung

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The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of my many years of trying to capture the sound-character of... more
Product information "BluGuitar FATCAB - aus Vorführung"

The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of my many years of trying to capture the sound-character of an old 4x12“ box in a compact 1x12“ format.

Obviously I know that physics sets us limits, but I still find it surprising how well this box works for me in practice. It has proved its worth on small to midsized stages over the years, where its advantages really come to light: Because the box only has one speaker it quickly reaches its optimum working range, making the sound vibrant and less stiff. The Thiele Bass-Reflex-System and the interlocked, extremely stiffened casing provide a defined, dynamic Bass sound with Sub-bass, usually only associated with 4x12“ boxes. This is still the case even when playing at a lower volume. The volume of the casing delivers an extra portion of low-midrange frequency. At high volume the box delivers a balanced sound, without any danger of droning or loosing the tight bootom due to the fat magnet of our custom designed speaker. The speaker itself gives the sound a harmonious mid-range and soft treble, which are made even silkier by being filtered through the thick basket-weave covering the front of the box.

A big chunky bass with a quick response, a creamy mid-range and a soft silky treble on top, which stays smooth and doesn’t get annoying. For me, the FATCAB sounds and feels like an old Mini 4x12“ box. In clubs and on medium-sized stages, I don’t miss having a 4x12“ box at all.


1 x 12“ Closed Back

60 Watt

8 Ohm

1 x 12“ special BluGuitar Fat

„Baltic Birch“ ply w/finger joint corners

Black Levant

Grill Cloth:
black Basket Weave

15 kg

42 x 55 x 30 cm

1 x Mono In, 1 x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out

Special Features:
Thiele-Small design for best Bass-Response

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